Richard Greene And The Brothers Barton - Shufflin

  • Shufflin’ – Richard Greene & The Brothers Barton

    The Brothers Barton, Paul (on mandolin) and Loren (on guitar), introduced themselves
    to me by email asking if I’d be interested in playing on a recording they were planning. 
    I replied “Why not, send a sample”?  What they sent literally blew me off my chair.  Two
    brothers from Bakersfield sitting around a cassette player mike in their living room playing
    original compositions immediately transported me back to Mill Valley, Calif. circa 1974,
    myself and David Grisman inventing new acoustic music and playing together all day
    long - what sheer joy!  Dawg and I toured for about a year as The Great American Music
    Band and then split off on life’s various journeys, but what energy! what a fantastic time in
    my life.  The Brothers Barton miraculously allowed a recapturing for me of that magical time, something totally unexpected; how could I not jump in?!  Sometimes miracles do happen
    Since that original contact we’ve become inseparable partners.  For thirty years I’ve been
    looking for musicians in California to join with, who love and respect traditional bluegrass
    while at the same time being passionate innovators of new hybrid forms.  Finally I found
    both right here in my backyard, well sort of, Bakersfield is a bit of a drive.
    When it came time to round out the band with the much needed bass end, I called
    everybody I knew and up popped Jeff Pekarek, who had been working with an old friend,
    Chris Vitas, in San Diego.  Jeff’s experience and talents proved to be vast and he’s perfect
    for us in every way.  I love these musicians and our work on this CD, something I will always
    be proud of!

    ...Richard Greene

    Shufflin’ – Richard Greene & The Brothers Barton
    With Jeff Pekarek
    Total Time: 36.55

    01 – Sinai Summit
    02 – Sarah’s Waltz
    03 – Yearlings in the Canebreak   
    04 – Tipioshi Breakdown
    05 – Bankhead Blues
    06 – Ninth of June Serenade
    07 – Chelsey’s Dream
    08 – Steely Rag
    09 – Shufflin
    Richard Greene - Violin
    Paul Barton - Mandolin
    Loren Barton - Guitar
    Jeff Pekarek - Acoustic Bass

Track Listing


Sinai Summit
Sarah's Waltz
Yearlings in the Canebreak
Tipioshi Breakdown
Bankhead Blues
Ninth of June Serenade
Chelsey's Dream
Steeley Rag
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