David Grisman & Tony Rice - Tone Poems

Sample the sounds of some of the great vintage guitars and mandolins of the 20th century on Tone Poems, a collection of 17 memorable duets, played on 34 classic acoustic instruments, by two acknowledged masters of the idiom - mandolinist David Grisman and guitarist Tony Rice. From "I am a Pilgrim" and "Swing 42" to some brand new Dawg tunes, Tone Poems (their first recording in over a decade) reignites the power-picking that earned Grisman and Rice their nickname, the "Gasoline Brothers" - and started a revolution in acoustic instrumental music some 20 years ago.

The co-stars of this project are the instruments themselves - what Grisman calls the "vintage voices" - including a 1939 Martin D-45 guitar (valued at $100,000) paired with a priceless, one-of-a-kind 1923 Lloyd Loar Gibson A-5 mandolin. An impressive 40-page full-color booklet accompanies the music; for each duet there is a corresponding photo essay that tells the story of that particular pair of instruments. A study in tonal quality and a mini-reference work on some of the finest hand-crafted acoustic instruments ever built, Tone Poems is a must see and hear for music lovers, collectors, musicians, and anyone else interested in the purity of acoustic sound.

Track Listing


Turn of The Century
The Prisoner's Waltz
Grandfather's Clock
Good Old Mountain Dew
I Am A Pilgrim
Mill Valley Waltz
Vintage Gintage Blues
I Don't Want Your Mandolins Mister
Dawg After Dark
Wildwood Flower
Morning Sun
Banks Of The Ohio
Swing '42
Watson Blues
O Solo Mio
Song For Two Pamelas
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